A very short post, deluge to follow

Mamma, dis dis.
No bird, payyot! Say, payyot!
Mamma, dis dis.
No lion, Simba. Say, Simba!
Mamma, dis dis..
No Manny, Epithet!
Sigh. When do I get to win?


Please don’t grow up

I love the phase Re is in. It is so full of imperfection that it’s liberating. He calls a rhino a hippo, a flower — a cauliflower, a sheep — a cow, a goat — a boat,  an apple  — affel, a strawberry –a stawverry, a lion– a tiger, and a tiger — a cheetaaa.

Soon, he will know things by their right names, know a blue from a purple, and start coloring within lines.

And I will wonder, why did he ever grow up?

I feel sad already.

Koogli # 1: Space and other issues of year two

Those of you who are wondering what happened to the old blog avatar, I finally got a little tired of it (horrible, Gemini me, who loves change, sometimes just for the sake of it) and I decided to change it.  Like? I hope you guys can find your way around. The tech-challenged me is okay so far. But if I need help, I am going to shout out to some of you out there. Please let me know if the font is readabale, because the OPU is doubtful, but I want to hear it from the mommies. To tell you the truth, I love the colours in this one. 

This post is about the new someone in Re’s life. No, I am not pregnant again, nor do I intend to be and no, we are not adopting a child or an animal any time soon, but Re has a new best friend in Koogli. I don’t exactly remember where it all started, but it seems like almost two months now and it sort of peaked just before his second birthday.

In a symbolic gesture to be left alone, Re has been hooking up with Koogli,a mysterious but imaginary friend. Someone he talks to everyday. Someone he calls (from a different phone, each time, perhaps adding to his caller ID mystery) and narrates what happened in the day, what he did, what he is about to do, and what is his peeve of the moment. Sometimes he lets me listen in, sometimes I am asked to leave the room.  The conversation lasts from two to ten minutes, and when he is satisfied, Re says byeeee to the phone and hangs up. We have started believing that Koogli exists. Perhaps it’s Re’s way of having ‘me’ time, of asking for space. Because, honestly, don’t we all crowd our children sometimes?

It is interesting how children can prepare you for the time that they will need you less (although you may never agree). Or perhaps that they need other people (friends, may be) as much as they need you. It is a kind of reality check for wide-eyed and bushy-tailed mommies like me who believe in attachment parenting for want of a better word.

It is also interesting to observe that Koogli, who is just a metaphor now might soon be real. That there will be people in his life I will have no access to. That there will be experiences that he would want to dwell on himself. That there will be information that will be revealed to me on a ‘need to know’ basis. Yes, I did it with my parents, and there’s no reason why my son will not do it to me. Even though I am trying my best to be his friend. But the fact remains that I am, still, his mother.