13 reasons we love the J W Marriott in Mussoorie (even though we couldn’t find any walnuts on the walnut grove)

  1. This great way to start your day with a picnic by the stream

2. This view while chomping on your post-breakfast Danish


3. This walnut grove to hug

4. This evening of story-telling

4. This tiramisu you never tire of eating

5. This shortcut to lunch

6. This comfort of watching Harry Potter movies

7. This corn-on-a-cob at sundown

8. Or this lolling about on a beanbag

9. This magical glow after sundown

10. This hide and seek we never tire of

11. This quick screen time while mamma is at the spa

12. Or this play with water curtains that tells you she is still watching

13. And this new BFF who totally gets us


Travelling with Kids: The ClubMed experience

So we are back after a lovely holiday at ClubMed Phuket at Kata Bay that was a lot about individual and collective R&R for all three of us.


Does that sound like an impossibility?  Because, post baby, your holidays do tend to get all child-centric and that usually translates to the grown-ups feeling short-changed and that’s not fun at all. To me, a holiday has to offer something to each one and that something need not be experienced together. I think ClubMed totally gets this philosophy of individual and collective happiness. And they do it at an All-Inclusive tag to make your holiday as hassle-free as possible. So it’s not just unlimited food and beverages (alcohol included), the tag covers every aspect of vacation interests. Like spa treatments, excursions, water sports and other activities. So you can actually be wallet-free throughout your vacation.

I made a lot of new friends at ClubMedPhuket. The sea (it’s never the same), the sun (it just seems happier outside the city), the sky (it seems happy, peppered with hot air balloons by day and lanterns by night). The pool. Zen, if you feel like it. Beach. Sunsets. Palm trees and Frangipanis. And lots of love and good food.  What else does one need?

Plus, they had me at handwritten hello!

A welcome note from Mehdi, the chief daddy of the resort

And they had Re at  ‘Chair with circles!’

Lounging of course is a huge part of the proceedingsBut wait. I haven’t got to the best part. The best thing about the ClubMed is the G.Os (an abbreviated term for Genteel Organisers). If you ask me what a G.O is would say, baby-sitter, teacher, trainer, friend, magician, therapist, mood elevator, bartender. entertainer and more rolled into one. They help you do as much or as little as you want, by taking over complete responsibility for your little ones. So you can snorkel, ride a balloon, scuba-dive, or just hang by the bar while your kids are looked after by the G.Os at the BabyClubMed or the MiniClubMed. They could be having aqua fun, painting, playing tennis, learning trapeze acts, archery or even rehearsing for a performance.

Here are a few things the G.Os do:


Sometimes, ClubMed was about small joys. Like finding a drink to match the Phuket sunset. Incidentally, called Phuket Sunset.

mangakir-clubmed 089Or a ceiling to match your drink

A ceiling to match my drink Or finding a get well soon note addressed to your child just because you had requested for a thermometer the night before.

And sometimes it’s about the big things. Like when the head chef Jason hosted a special meal for us at their Chuda restaurant, complete with a bottle of wine, a four course meal and a special anniversary cake.

Re does the honours to our sixth anniversary cake

Re does the honors to our sixth anniversary cake

Sometimes, it’s just about how ClubMed allows you to do as much as you want….

Aquasports at the main pool. Follow the G.O or do your own thing

Aquasports at the main pool. Follow the G.O or do your own thing

Or as little…

There's nothing like watching Frozen all by yourself

There’s nothing like watching Frozen all by yourself

Or building a room with a view

Or building a room with a view

And the grown-ups can build their own castles too

The Dominoes effect: Shots as deco objects

The Dominoes effect: Shots as deco objects

But in the end, three people went, and each one found what they wanted. And everyone returned happy.

Pursuit of Happiness

Pursuit of Happiness

And that’s what great holidays are all about. Fun for everyone.

Yes, we went to ClubMed and we had fun

Yes, we went to ClubMed and we had fun