Book review: Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter

Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter(Abridged and Adapted version for young readers)

Reviewed by: POYANI MEHTA

Pollyanna is an ever readable Classic Book and the first part of one of the numerous books written by Eleanor H Porter.
Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up was by far the most famous and well loved of her books .
Pollyanna is the story of an orphan young girl of 11 years who is taken in by her stern and dutiful strict Aunt Polly. Pollyanna is ever happy inspite of all the difficulties and challenges she has had to face in life.
Though she is a naughty and mischievous young girl Pollyanna with her endearing qualities and optimistic attitude slowly and surely she wins over her Aunt and all the people of the town that she has befriended on her everyday travails in town.
‘The Glad Game’ specially created by her father for her  and then used by Pollyanna forms the main gist/crux of the story. To be happy/glad about all things in life however small they may be and finding happiness from it.
I loved the story and my daughter also liked it a lot especially ‘The Glad Game’ and Pollyanna’s helping nature.

The Game could work in our everyday life too if we could learn to appreciate the small gifts /lessons bestowed to us.

Who can read?
Pollyanna can be read by kids aged 8 + and adults too who love reading classic books.since the book is in abridged and unabridged versions all can avail of it.
Where can you get it?
It would be available in all leading book stores in India and around the world be it in illustrated form or just novel.
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