Learning to read the time: A poem


First, take a paper and draw a circle, O

Yes you can have other shapes, square,

Round, slanting line, shaky line… maybe

In that circle draw two hands one small one big

Two eyes? Two eyes drawn

Now, two hands, no they can’t be outside

That’s correct, we have hands outside

But clocks have them in the face

A moustache, yes, like appa’s

No, you can’t move appa’s moustache like that

But you want like that, no hands,

Listen, listen, we make four big dots not dots, lines?

Okay, four slanting lines to show 12, 3, 6, 9

Right I don’t know my numbers

Now, fill in the rest 1,2, 4, 5

Sure, get your crayons out,

Red blue pink purple

Clock should have green eyes?

I should colour?

Okay, round round green eyes

Now, one o’clock, see the small hour hand at…

What’s that you say? 6 o’clock cartoon and it’s 5:55 now?

5 minutes! My jaw drops

You know to read the time, I venture

You knew it all along, it’s the story you like

How else did I think you saw your cartoons on time?


And I ploddingly realized

I’m not the one that taught you,

I’m the one that tried


About the author:

Shobhna Iyer has worked for almost 15 years in Corporate HR and is now writing and working from home. She is a hopeful author. Blog http://everydaythingshappen.blogspot.in


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