The joy of being a father again


Yes, yet again its a top-of-the-world, lump in the throat and I-am-the-king-of-the-world moment.

However it’s definitely different; even the discussion to arrive at having a second child is different.

Picture this :

“Hey, it’s time we have another one!”

“It’s time? According to whom??”

“Well everybody is asking about it, Our family, friends, relatives, facebook friends, whatsapp friends and even my beauty parlour wali friend”

“So we plan another baby to get “likes” or “comments” from them?”

“No, it’s not just that, I have always loved the idea of having a bunker bed in my house”

Anyways, emotion wins over logic (read wife wins), moreover there isn’t a prettier sight than having both your legs grabbed by your kids after you are back home.

Also, unlike the last time, you cant be so impartial about the gender; we have a boy, we want a girl (though having a healthy baby is THE ONLY PRAYER)

The D-Day arrives and you follow the exact schdedule of your “earlier achievement”; like the batsman who wears the same underwear he wore when hitting his last century.

Waiting out, is the longest hour of your life; finally the angel-in-white tells you, “Congrats, it’s a girl”. And you jump with joy; the last time I did this was when Dhoni hit that six to win us the World Cup.

The Almighty bestows a special grace on girls; I have always been biased and considered women a superior race, so am glad to be blessed with a daughter.

Our nest is finally complete and I can borrow a funny line overheard from a proud father. “I have two kids and two kidneys.”

Just KIDding 🙂


About the author:

Faiz Mohammed (or FM, as he likes to be called) has been with FM (Radio City, Radio ONE) for a decade; he knows really well he is better heard than seen. He is a Gujrati, born and brought up in Bangalore – now you know the real inspiration behind Chetan Bhagat”s Two States. When he is not convincing his clients to spend their hard earned money on air, he reads, and very rarely, also writes.



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