Where everything is awesome: Mommygolightly and babygolightly in Legoland California

Re met his first Lego (in his defence, it was Duplo) when he was around two years old. They made for great ensemble toys along with his wooden blocks, and he was using them quite often to build chairs, sofas and ships for his Barbies, animal figurines, princesses and even for the cats and me. Until a few months ago, when I took him to watch the Lego Movie, his first on the big screen, and both he and I were dancing in the aisles, singing “Everything is awesome!”

I knew then that he was Legoed!

Needless to say, when we went to California this summer for our annual vacation, a visit to Legoland in Carlsbad was mandatory. We had just enough time to make a day trip, although staying at Hotel Legoland and staggering it would have been perfect. But we quickly turned into four year-olds and managed to make the most of the day and at the end, we were singing the Lego theme song all over again!

Here are some moments:


Because we all love building castles, however grown up we may be


And we never outgrow slides, do we?


There is never enough water to splash, is there?


Dear Lego man. Are you as strong as I think you are?


And they lived happily ever after in Lego village


How about I build a city? Wait, a country! No, a universe!


How lovely to see a Lego monument of love from your own country! Homesick? Not really


Time to practise


Oh there, mommy turns into a four-year old again!


You are never too old to have a fangirl moment with Wlydstyle


Or to shoot water at lego crocodiles


And all’s well that ends with Granny’s green apple fries with vanilla cream.

And so Re and I broke into dance and sang “Everything is awesome!” You haven’t heard it? You must


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