Whatsappmommydom and some gory details

Two days ago, I was invited to join a whatsapp mommy group in Re’s school. I figured it might be useful to get updates on flash holidays (we had three of them last week) and other such, so I promptly typed “Hello, I am Lalita and I’m Re’s mom” and thought I’ll just stay back and relax. Although I was quite irked by the fact that as usual, the daddies were conspicuous by their absence (ask any daddy when the Diwali holidays begin and watch their face and you will know why)

There was an avalanche of messages in the next few hours. Finally, when I could bear it no more, I muted it and wrote a facebook post about it here:

After a momentous 40 likes and equal number of comments, I realised it was an affliction borne silently by many.

On Day 2, this is my loot so far:
Ganpati piggybacking on shiva – a poster
Stay calm, stay happy – a poster
Award winning photo of girl holding mirror
Flowers as girls ( photo play)
Flowers as boys ( photo play)
Emoticons for every emotion, known and unknown
How to make a candle from an orange (this was sought after on twitter by a food blogger friend who plans to execute it!)
Empty audio file
Phone number of a dentist
Suggestion that rainy days are for bunking school (grrrrr…..)
Stay calm. Have faith in god – A poster.
Exclamations to last a lifetime
Have a nice day. Be happy – A poster.

There are many things that are a part and parcel of parenting, but I think this was a new low for me.

Will try and hang in there.


4 thoughts on “Whatsappmommydom and some gory details

  1. lalita- even after sending gentle reminders to not put in fwds the moms just go wild. resultant- one important post and you have to ‘load earlier messages’ a 25 times to get there. once again gentle reminder- “you can mute your phone na” comments—things we do to keep the system happy phew!

  2. watsappmommydom is the thing that kinda keeps me alive… hehehhe… i guess im that overtly enthusiastic mommy who sends a kazillion pics across..
    “Hey check my baby out he’s eating apple mash ” caption
    “Hey check out my baby having his 46th trip to the mall” caption 🙂

    Im sorry guys,that all of you have to go thru this.. hehehe

  3. There’s one mom on my son’s school whatsapp group who puts a “Good Morning”, “have a great day” kinda pic EACH morning (new pic each day of course) at 6.20 am sharp. Kinda like an alarm! And she does that even on weekends!!! Gentle rebukes or jokes like “its Sunday, go to sleep” have no effect in her.
    And I totally agree that these forwarded pics are SOOO annoying. Though, to be fair the griup is really helpful for homework reminders and for things that have to be taken to school (hey how many empty toothpaste cartons do we neex to send?)

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