Pregnancy for Idiots: Contest no. 1

It’s about time we had some fun with our pregnancy stories.

Of course, you will, when you read my book, I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot!, but let’s do a countdown till it’s actually out there, for all of you to devour and share.

So here is an idea:

Post your most idiotic pregnancy story/moment/episode here on the facebook page of the book here and the winner gets a copy of the book signed by me, couriered to you anywhere in India. Come on people, spread the word, and get your friends to participate and win! But remember to keep it short. We don’t want women to go into labour reading it!

Go for it!



6 thoughts on “Pregnancy for Idiots: Contest no. 1

      • I hope I am not too late

        but here it goes

        I discover I am pregnant by doing a home pregnancy test. But novices that both of us are, we dont believe the test. So we do it again! and again I am pregnant.

        the spouse says’lets go to a doctor and confirm’

        okay, I agree.

        We go to a gynac. An old gentleman, who looks old enough to have delivered kids as old as us 🙂

        He says hello, whats the problem

        The spouse says ‘The problem is that she says she is pregnant’ pointing towards me

        I get defensive ‘I am not SAYING I am pregnant, I have proof for it’

        The doc smiles and says ‘okay, thats fine, I believe you’ So?

        The spouse and I look at each other and dont know what to say.

        Err..starts the spouse

        The doc asks ‘do you want the baby?’

        I say ‘I dont know’ the spouse emphatically says ‘yes’ and then I say ‘yes’ and then spouse says ‘well, I dont know’ and then we burst out laughing..

        yes yes, we want the baby..and that started my pregnancy journey 🙂

  1. I am 38 weeks pregnant, i stay in Mumbai and i drive 2 hrs a day too and fro to my office. My doctor the other day for stopping me from driving told me, its a crime for pregnant ladies to drive and that in USA , i might go to jail for that, 🙂 🙂

  2. Hello , I’m currently 31 weeks pregnant. During the 5th month when we discovered that my placebta was low, my husband banned my travellibg n shopping n roaming around to ensure my health is finem . but thenhe took me to his favorite temple which is2 hr’s drive n then the other day took me around for 4 hrs drive to various places to select ganpati for the upcoming Ganesh Chaturthi. Huh???

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