Rapunzel as told by a 4-year old

Once there was a mamma. She wanted to eat some cabbage. So she went and ate some cabbage in the bad lady’s garden. Then the bad lady got very angwy. She shouted at the dadda. “Why you ate my cabbage?” Dadda said, “Sorry, I did it by purposely. I will send Rapunzel to play with you.”

So Rapunzel went to the bad lady’s tower. The tower was bigger and bigger, but it had no doors. Ony one window for letdowning Rapunzel’s hair. One day Rapunzel was let downed her hair and a Pwince came. He climbed and climbed and reached her tower. Then he aksed her to come down and play with him. “Why don’t you come to my palace? I have somany horsis, somany cabbages, somany new dwesses and shoes and bangles!”

So Rapunzel said ok. “But I have to aks my lady,” she said. So she aksed the lady. But the lady got angwy. “No more letdowning your hair!” she said. And then she cutted her hair. Then Rapunzel cwied and cwied, and runned and runned. Then she reached the beach. And then she met the pwince and the horsi. And then the hair came back and she wore new dwesses.








13 thoughts on “Rapunzel as told by a 4-year old

  1. My 3-year-old says the thirsty crow’s grandfather went and got stones for him to throw in the jar because his Mamma refused to give him stones 🙂

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  3. Oh how adorable!!! Sometimes I wish we could just package these moments in the day and just freeze time. I’d rather sit around giggling, hearing stories with R being replaced with W all day long than feed, clean, clothe or do anything else to my little one! Precious moments!

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