Kook Kook hota hai: Little Chefs whip up a mango-kiwi tiramisu shot and some…

Circa 2009: It was tsatsiki that made me realise that I had given birth to a foodie. And molagapodi. Yes molagapodi. There can never be too much molagapodi per mouthful of idli for Re, and we never think it’s cool to count our idlis. I always budget for at least three servings (yes, of the teluun (oil) also).


Since I have outsourced cooking for the time-being and since it’s too hot to bake, our culinary adventures at home have been far limited, but every time Re goes to my parents’ home, my dad, the head chef would put him on the job. Shelling peas, stringing beans, sorting methi usually constituted his portfolio and Re is eager to get into the tougher ‘vegitabuls’ like yam, pumpkin, aubergine and the rest.


Our food journey reached a new high when we put out this spread for a lovely lady from a newspaper two years ago. Yes, it was when we had our tsatsiki and ate it too! Food has always been a great factor in our relationship, both the eating of it and the making it. It was Re who made me overcome my fear of baking.

I remember someone asked me how to get her child to eat, and I asked her what her relationship with food was. She started blank-faced. I then told her it was time to start her affair with food.

So recently, when my friend and gastronome, Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal invited us to Little Chefs – a cooking workshop for kids by Mumbai’s popular world food chain, Godrej Nature’s Basket, I was super excited. For once, Re would cook for me, and I would have my mango-kiwi tiramisu and eat it too, as I soon figured.

Rushina will also be having more kiddie-cooking sessions at her super-sweet APerfectBite Cook studio in Powai and you can find details here

It was so cute to see young aspiring chefs, joined by their parents, tossing up interesting recipes, tearing lettuce, layering lasagna sheets, spreading the cheese and tomato sauce, and lining up veggies in layers, and adding dollops of cheese. There was a little girl who was eating the ingredients as she was cooking them, and she so reminded me of me. Rushina decided to feature mangoes in her recipes, so we started with a Mango basil salad and ended with Mango Kiwi shots, with a lasagna layered in between (no pun intended). Re of course had to taste the raw materials and the finished product, so it was like he was doing a Shabri on me. (I will tell you that story later). He also refused to wear the apron and pose for a class photo (so I can’t share that with you:()

 finishing mangoshotshottasting

Those of you that missed it, classes will be organized at Godrej Nature’s Basket stores all over India throughout the year.  Celebrated chefs like Kishi Arora, Saransh Goila, Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal and Monika Manchanda will ensure that these little chefs master their culinary skills and some great techniques too. Each class will be 60 to 90 minutes long and organized on weekends. The budding gastronomes will carry back a goodie bag with yummy recipes that they toss up in class, a little Chefs apron and an interesting Little Chefs memento. Whats even more exciting is that the classes have been nominally priced at only Rs 750 per child per session.

So what are you waiting for? Television Chef, Saransh Goila will conduct a class on Fun with Mangoes on the 10th of May at Godrej Nature’s Basket, Bandra store.  To register, call on call on -22-26425050 / 1122

And don’t forget to collect your doggy bag!


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