The story of a Bourbon biscuit

It’s a weekday evening. Re and I are driving back home.  I have made an exception today and given him an entire pack (small of course) of Bourbon biscuits. As he devours them, one by one, I stare lustily. I am not big on chocolate or biscuits, but somehow the “I want to have what he is having” thought crosses my mind.

“Can I have one?,” I ask.

He hands me one, in  a rather grand gesture and says, “Take!”

I wolf it down greedily. Greed now takes the better of me.

“How about one more?” I ask, rather meekly.

“You cannot have one more becoz you are big. I am small no, so I can have one more. Then ony I can be stronger and bigger.”

“Then I want to become small also. Can I become small?” Now I want it real bad.

He ponders. “But you can only become big small. You cannot be small small like me.”

I rest my case.





4 thoughts on “The story of a Bourbon biscuit

  1. These growing big, being small discussions with toddlers .. they’re endless aren’t they? And these little rascals are always on top of their game, smartly using the big/small argument against us every time they want something they shouldn’t be OD-ing on! I absolutely enjoy them.

  2. well he shared a whole one with you – that’s really generous :). I know a certain kid who when asked “Give me a little of your chocolate,” would actually give what counts as a crumb of chocolate in the adult world – the little bit seemed big to her little hands is the excuse. Now that kid dreads finding out that her daughter may turn out just like her when it comes to sharing 😀

  3. This is ultimate!! i am sure, give the situation, I would have loved to be big small for another of bourbon biscuits.. 😀 I remember my niece used to call it bon-bon when she was a kid..
    Lalitha, I am a fan of your writing.. Anytime I feel stressed / just plain dull, i go through one of your blogs (or a lot of them, if time permits 😉 ) and perk up in a jiffy!!

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