Eco-friendly diapers, Baby-proofing workshop and Reading nooks for tots

It’s reading time!

Little Readers’ Nook is a Themed Parent-Child Reading Program for 2-6 year-olds in Mumbai designed to nurture a love for books at a young age.

They offer Themed Reading Sets that parents can enjoy at home with their child. Each set is based on a theme and has 4 Books, 1 Game or Puzzle and 3 Activity Ideas to reinforce the theme in a fun way. Also included are Reading Tips to help in reading with young children.

It functions similar to a library in the sense that parents exchange their Themed Reading Sets once a month or once a fortnight. They offer self pickup (at our Shivaji Park, Vile Parle, Bhandup or Thane centers) as well as doorstep delivery options across Mumbai.

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For the first time: Baby-proofing services

Children are naturally curious and like to explore. Everyday household objects that pose little danger to adults can be extremely dangerous for children. Another benefit of baby-proofing is that it provides peace of mind to the child’s caretakers and reduces anxiety. Thus, a baby-proofed home can allow working parents to focus on their work while the child plays at home. Baby-proofing may be done using specialized equipment or everyday household objects.

Safe Baby is India’s first business focused on Child Safety and provides Babyproofing services. As experienced baby safety experts, Safe Baby is able to spot risks and through corrective measures, reduce them. They also help in preparing for emergencies so that you can take the correct decisions in an extremely stressful situation. The goal of Safe Baby is to prevent accidental injuries to children inside and outside the home.

Their services are ideal for expectant parents and parents with kids up to five years of age. In addition to customized audits, they also offer workshops about preventable accidents for parents, grandparents, nannies, teachers, schools and playgroups.

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How eco-friendly is your diaper?

If you really calculate how many diapers get used in a baby cycle, it would be enough to give you a seizure. Not just that, imagine how much you have dumped on the environment. I had such a moment too, although Re is off diapers (except occasionally in the night). I found an eco-friendly friend in BumChum. These are Reusable Cloth Diapers, now retailing through all major channels, online and offline. The diapers come with a leak-proof outer cover, in bee, animal and other prints, and an inner pad that can be stuck on with Velcro, making your baby snug as a bug. Totally washable and reusable!

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