Lessons from my three-year old

Write it down, my friends tell me. Re spews new gems every day and most of the time, I can only stare in awe and wonder how little minds work. Every since he acquired a voracious vocabulary, he can’t seem to cease showing it off at any given opportunity. Most of these are during car-rides — to the park, to the beach, to school, to naani’s house, to a play-date, and sometimes, to nowhere in particular. Some are on lazy afternoons, where we are both chilling out, each doing their own thing, and frequently (and sometimes too frequently intersecting). Since I have outgrown the diary phase, some of these made it to Facebook and Twitter updates, but I have promised to make more and more of them into the blog (for now) and a book (for later).

Dec 11, 2012

8 am negotiation:
You also come with me in the school bus, mamma.
Oh, I can’t, because the bus is only for small people. I am big.
Then when you will become small?



Dec 8, 2012

“Mamma, we can’t go higher and higher into the clouds and their mammas and daddas. Ony birds and helicopters can go.”
“Who said that?”
“I said that. And now please close your laptok!”


Dec 8, 2012

Mamma, can I have one laddoo?
Then can I have two, thwee…six laddoos?


Dec 6, 2012

So yesterday we put up our Christmas tree, fairy lights and all.
Boy exclaimed, “Look Happy Dilawi came on the Merry Kissmass twee!”


Dec 5, 2012:ย The universe explained by a 3-year old.

“Look, white sun has come. Then yellow sun will come, then clouds will come, then their mammas and daddas will come, then moon will come, then sun will go home to his mamma and dadda, then stars and dark will come.”

Nov 29, 2012
1. Doggies do potty everywhere because they don’t have hands for potty seat.
2. We must ony take flowers from the ground. We must not pluck from the twees because flowers want to be with their mammas and daddas.
3. We must not take piktures of sleeping cats and dogs othewise they will get distubbed.


Nov 23, 2012: How being with a child gives you perspective:
Boy and I walking back from the park. We spot an open manhole. I think, “God, an accident waiting to happen!”
Boy says, “Look mamma, potty seat is not there!”


Nov 21 2012

The bath saga continues:

Back to Bombay. Back to bath saga. I leave boy alone ( as instructed) in bathroom for half hour with the essentials. I return. Boy is bone dry.
“What have you been doing?” I ask.
“I was just putting water on the soap. It haffto take a bath no?”


Nov 16, 2012. Goa.

Conversation with the sun at sundown:
Okay sun, you go home now. The moon has to come and the stars haffto come. See you tomorrow. Take care of yourself, sun




4 thoughts on “Lessons from my three-year old

  1. ‘Happy Diwali on the christmas tree’ and ‘bath saga’ r tied for the first place, followed by ‘goodbye to sun’ on my favs list. each one is a gem though, no doubt.

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