Tell me a story

It’s story time. We are reading Lucky Duck. Correction. Re is helping me construct the story of Lucky Duck through his questions. I never realised that this is harder that the actual reading of the story which doesn’t take much more than a clearing of the throat, faking a deep interest (don’t tell me you don’t fake it) and some degree of voice modulation and animatedness, which above all, should be consistent. Which is quite hard, considering that by page four, one is normally, well, tired!

So here is how our reading of Lucky Duck, a story of a boy Lenny who loses and finds his duck, all of 22 pages, by Jonathan Shipton and Suzanne Diederen goes:

Mamma, what’s this baby’s name?

His name is Lenny.

And what’s his doggie’s name?

His name is Zack (made up on the spot)

And what’s his mamma’s name?

Her name is Zoey. 

And why is the baby nangu (naked)?

Because they are all on the beach and making sandcastles, so he can wear only his trunks, otherwise he will get all dirty.

Oh, but the poor ducky’s feathers will get all dirty!

It’s ok, she can dust it off. 

Oh, ok…

Where’s the baby’s dadda?

He has gone to office.

And where is that crab goving? 

(I just notice a crab on the page)

The crab is goving to find food. 

What is the crab goving to eat?

Well, it will find some worms in the sand (by now, I am not sure what crabs really eat)

And what is the baby’s mamma dooving?

She is trying to spread a towel on the beach so that they can all sit on it.

That’s not a towel mamma, it’s a blanket. 

Ok then. 

We are still on page one. Some day, we will get to page 22.


10 thoughts on “Tell me a story

  1. some day! thats one phrase that evokes both SIGH and SNIGGERS, ain’t it? your son seems very inquisitive. reminds me of my brother when we were young. he was very inquisitive too. no make that irritating. ha ha ha. i miss those days though

  2. Hmmmmm…take a deep breath, meditate, children teach you to live every single nanosecond of a moment and not rush through life, isn’t it? I relived my childhood with my child (and books were a large part of our bonding, of course) and that time it was even better than my own. As an aside, good children’s books are rare gems. For some fantastic titles and bargains, a visit to Strand’s annual exhibition is a must… though don’t know how flipkart has turned the tables on this one. Nothing like browsing real time.
    Lalita, as always, pleasure to read your legendary “tug of war” tales between you warriors. March on.

    • Thanks Paddy. We do have several books still waiting their turn, since we ‘devour’ each one so painstakingly.But I am still greedy enough to attack booksales and collect more books:)

  3. I recently came across your blog and have been reading up on all the archives to keep up with the current ones… even though I am not a mother but have been playing the role of the “cool mom” along with my mom to my 11 years old baby brother… other than being the sister I am a regular 23years old single girl pursing my post grad… anyway..the point is.. I can relate to lot of things you write about…since I have seen my baby brother grow from day one… at 11years he is almost as tall as me but still is a little baby for me… ok..getting back to the point…I think this post of yours is the cutest..I just couldn’t stop laughing and going awwwwww… and Re is damn cute.. best wishes to you and Re 🙂

  4. Ha!Ha! I interact with children everyday and it is amazing the stuff they come up with and the questions they ask 🙂 🙂 🙂
    I remember taking 2 weeks to finish a 17-pages story-book with children in pre-school!

  5. totally brilliant… I just have to substitute Re with N and the conversation is exactly like this. Including the “Goving” “dooving” part… ROFL ROFL

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