He said, she said

I am in that phase when the boy is spewing enough nuggets for me to want to pin a  dictaphone to myself. But since I am technologically challenged, I try and store them in my little head, sometimes punch them into my phone, and sometimes, put it down on this blog. I guess the joy of him being on the verge of three is that he still has a baby voice. Which makes the sound bytes a tad more appealing. Here are a few in no particular order:

Mamma. I don’t like you.


Because dadda likes you.


(Boy is making the bed and then lining all his toys on it. I walk in.)

Mamma. There’s no place for you.


Because cheetah haffto sleep. And lion haffto sleep. And zebra haffto sleep. And tiger haffto sleep. And rhinoscissors haff to sleep. And hippopotis haffto sleep.

Okay then.


Mamma, can lion be with the zebra?

Yes, technically it can.

Oh, okay.

And can tiger be with the zebra?

(Me, increasingly nervous now) Yes, why not?

Okay, so they will do ninni together.


Mamma, I want to tell you something.


I think you are not a boy. You are a girl.

Yes, that’s true.

Mamma, I want to tell you something..


I think you are not a girl. You are a mamma.


Mamma. I am not a bad boy. I am a good boy.

Yes, you are.

And you are a bad girl.



Boy is singing his school prayer (with a twist)

God’s love is so wonderful, God’s love is so wonderful, God’s love is so wonderful,

O, wonderful love

So high, we can’t get over it, so deep, we can’t get under it…

* Thinks, pauses, and then says*

But….we can get… through it!


Mamma. Nadia beat me. (Nadia is the feline sibling)

What did you do to annoy her?

I put her on my cycle.


Mamma, please tell Bravo not to sit on my chair. (Bravo is feline no. 2)


Because it is a baby chair. It’s not a cat chair.


(Am trying to give boy a bath. He wants to have a no-soap, no-water bath, which I am trying to explain is a tad tricky. After leaving him to his own devices, I peep into the bathroom to check on him)

Mamma. I told you don’t come in my room.

So this is how it all begins, I think. That space thing.


7 thoughts on “He said, she said

  1. Haha! Absolutely loved this one – “Mama I don’t like you because dadda likes you” and this one too – “Rhinoscissors haff to sleep and hippopotis haff to sleep”. Lol!

  2. You know reading this reminds me when we had to sing that God’s love song in school. I still remember all the hand gestures in the ‘so high’ and ‘so deep’ parts. They seem so ridiculous now, but it was fun singing and grooving to the song with 50 other kids. I loved reading this, thanks for this 😀

  3. Excellent! I love the things these lil chipmunks say..I’ve actually kept a notebook and I try and note down what I can! It’s great fun reading it later.

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