Sometimes it’s more fun to lose

So Re and I are back from our routine park-play post which we go impulse shopping and I treat him to a new tiffin box (you know those two-tier colorful ones with cutlery that are a far cry from the sterile, yet exciting steel ones with inscriptions we had as kids?).

He also, for the first time, clutched on to a bag of rubber animals in the shop and said, “I want this.” I let him have it. Week one at playschool has been nothing short of spectacular and these animals had a lot to do with it, I thought.

Back home,  Re is busy arranging and rearranging the animals on the floor, paying special attention to the lion, making “roar” sound effects  every time he talks to him, feeding him rajma that he has ‘cooked’ in his ‘kitchen’. The other animals get their due too, but the rajma is served on the floor and not in a bowl as it is for the lion. Clearly, he understands hierarchy, I think, and flinch a bit.

We are having a happy Friday evening. Three-coloured (red, yellow, green) pasta on our plate, roasted potatoes on the side, purple drink (my friend Nikhil’s special lemon-grass-pomegranate-vodka infusion) for me, orange juice for him, our buttinskies jiggling to Destiny’s Child between our bites. Perfect. So I decide to do what I haven’t done for a long time. Write this post.

Re quickly notices that my attention is not 100% for him as it was a few minutes ago. I am too happy to notice that he has noticed my agile fingers steathily moving towards the keyboard, trying to get in as many words as I can, while the going is good (which is how most posts get written anyway, unless I write them after he has gone to bed. If I last).

“I want CBeebies!”. He plays his trump card.

I am trying to wean him off his TV fixation, so I try a little something sly.

“Does the lion want it too? Is he not happy playing with you?”

“No, lion happy.”

“Are you happy too?”

“Yes, I happy too.”

That’s it. CBeebies forgotten. At least for now.  I can’t believe I won this round. I feel a bit manipulative, grown-up and less fun. And then I wonder what’s more fun, winning or losing?


3 thoughts on “Sometimes it’s more fun to lose

  1. hi lalitha.nice blog you have created.are u into writing ? you sons curls is the more thing i share my wedding anniversary with you and your hubby.i happen to read your post 2 yrs back on the occasion of marriage anniversary,liked it very much.great work.keep it up

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