Please don’t grow up

I love the phase Re is in. It is so full of imperfection that it’s liberating. He calls a rhino a hippo, a flower — a cauliflower, a sheep — a cow, a goat — a boat,  an apple  — affel, a strawberry –a stawverry, a lion– a tiger, and a tiger — a cheetaaa.

Soon, he will know things by their right names, know a blue from a purple, and start coloring within lines.

And I will wonder, why did he ever grow up?

I feel sad already.


10 thoughts on “Please don’t grow up

  1. and I was beginning to worry why my toddler says wrong things. about him getting admissions in the best school in BLR and how he will get in if he mixes things much, am really glaaaaad u dnt take such mistakes seriously …

  2. I know!!! I have wished countless number of times my daughter had a pause button so I could stop her from growing up…. I just cannot get enough of her, she’s gonna be 1.5 yrs soon n I’m clueless where all the time went….She was toothless a few months back n next thing I know she has 7 teeth,,… how I miss her toothless grin…. I’ve been maintaining a journal since the day I knew I was pregnant…, planning to gift it to her at an opportune moment when she’s all grown…. 🙂

  3. Um, I have finshed reading this entire blog… please post some more!

    I am hooked because apart from also giving birth to a male (to my amazement… when I got pregnant I never entertained the possibility it could be a boy), I so agree with you on many things that the crazy world I live in has had me questioning. Such as need (not) for childproofing, need for toys with no educational purpose, need for animals around child (though I am constrained by living in miniscule apartment of super highrise and more importantly own incompetence), horror of birthday parties etc.

    • Hello bride, good to have you here. I will try to post more often. You know I keep writing all these posts in my head all the time, but i am so swamped with other writing just now that I haven’t been able to put them down, But be prepared for a deluge soon. In the meantime, you can also visit my other blog, which is unmommy, but still me. There’s a link to it in this one

  4. No, no, don’t say don’t grow up! The school years of discovery, complaints from teachers about mischief (very imaginative stuff that you secretly admire), the slowly changing face, the weedy little moustache, the teenage years when fourteen boys come over after football and stink up the house, the wonderful friends that fill your house and empty your fridge, all of it is magical, and every moment is precious. And then, awaiting grandchildren! So don’t say don’t grow up!

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