Mix-and-match rhymes and other toddler pleasures

Just when I was thinking that the nursery rhymes of yore need a serious bit of overhauling, Re comes up with a remix version. Actually, I didn’t even realise it was a remix until I paid careful attention to the words and realised how he had been a Bappi Lahiri (or is it Anu Malik) and done it so as to make it look like his own. Here is one sample:

Ba  ba  black sheep

Eeyah eeyah oh!

Eating sugar?

Eeyah eeyah oh!

Husha husha, all fall down!

The OPU suggested we break his bubble and tell him what belongs where, so he knows his nursery rhymes right. I disagreed. “He will soon grow up and do things as they are meant to be done. How about enjoying his mind, unadulterated as it is now?”


To tell you the truth, the mix-up gives me the kicks. I took a really long time to think out-of-the-box. I am glad Re has started much earlier.

Today is Janmasthami (his favourite icon Krishna’s birthday), and his play school wanted him to come traditionally dressed. Now, much as he loves his dhoti-kurta on any given day, it was tantrum time today. It was either dhoti and a t-shirt or nothing at all. The maid looked like she was hit by a thundercloud. “How can he dress like this when everyone else will come dressed traditional?” She whined.

“He can,” I said.

He did.

I wish I had broken the rules much earlier than I did.


3 thoughts on “Mix-and-match rhymes and other toddler pleasures

  1. Hi Lalita! I chanced upon your blog by sheer fluke, via twitter well I’m absolutely enthralled that I did! The first blog I read was 41 things..I was completely hooked after, couldn’t stop until I got done reading every single piece! I applaud you for your honesty, wit, unconventional way of thinking and simple approach towards parenthood. I’m a new mommy, my baby girl is 4months old and I’m constantly second guessing myself but after mommygolightly I feel slightly better prepared for what lies ahead! Thank you for reminding me to have fun with my baby and hope I’m able to make this a very joyful experience for the whole unit!

  2. Hey how is the play school coming along? Loved to hear that he started enjoying! And I do hope you energize yourself within that time, to innovate new things to keep him busy and learning 🙂

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