Play-date at MT Pavit

Re lounges about Silver beach, oblivious to MT Pavit

So another ship has been drawn to the shores of Bombay like a magnet. After much ado about MV Wisdom, which I saw on day one, by sheer accident, even before it was reported, now it’s the turn of MT Pavit that has landed on the more richie-rich shores, close to the Godrej Bungalow at the northernmost tip of Juhu. Following my list of 41 things to do in the city with your child, here’s No. 42, I told myself.

Let’s make a play-date out of it, I told my friend Aparna. She came with freshly baked cookies, I, with fruit, Re, with a new found zest for the wet monsoon sand and a sudden aversion to being led. He has somewhat been behaving like MT Pavit lately. I will follow my own course, he seems to say. Do not get in my way, and do not tell me what to do, although you can do it yourself, and if I like it, I will follow. 

So after some cheek-pinching by a random mommy on the beach, at which Re scowled one of his dangerous scowls, he and T, my friend’s daughter, got down to business. They had buckets, shovels, moulds and sand. What did they care about a bobbing monstrosity in the sea? It is us adults who were analysing and dissecting the whole incident as if it really affected our lives, figuring out how and when would it be towed and coming up with our own theories.

Alongside, the Godrejs had erected huge 40 feet barricades flanking their palatial house so that the thousands of new visitors to the beach would not get a whiff of their wealth. Or the goings-on in their pool.

As for the children, they were just happy to munch on chocolate chip cookies, mess with some more sand, and go home, oblivious to all the channel OB vans, the reporters recording sound bytes, and the more-than-required police vans along the way.

It was just a play-date. The ship was just a backdrop. So much for me pointing and exclaiming. “Look, Re, the ship has lost its way. May be it did not hold its mommy’s hand.” He looked faintly bemused and finally gave me his little finger, which I held ever so tightly, as we walked back, me wondering when my MV-Pavit will find more attractive shores than his mommy, and how I will have to come to terms with it. Some day.


2 thoughts on “Play-date at MT Pavit

  1. I so agree with you on this one. Kids are so focused and non – judgmental about things and that’s what prompted me to start Kids Stop Press, a blog on being out and about with babies in Mumbai. They are actually less fuss free than the mommies. I love your blog and enjoy reading it. Do visit it and let me know what you think of it.

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