#41 things to do with your child in Bombay (malls not included)

Overheard: Mommy # 1asking Mommy #2.

“So where do you take your child? There’s nothing to do in Bombay with kids!”

Mommy #2 (very proudly): “Oh, there are so many malls near our place, so we just go and hang out.”

Mommy # 1: “Lucky you!”

Note: I hate malls. I am a corner-shop girl and I find malls sterile, synthetic and totally unnecessary. Plus they do not evoke my tactile senses. I don’t find them overwhelming, and they can’t seduce me into buying things I don’t need and I don’t go to one unless I have to. Like say going to a bookstore (sadly, there are not many stand-alone shops left) or a movie, or meeting the OPU for a quick date and drink at TGIF. Besides, I am not a big fan of air-conditioning. Thankfully, Re has taken after me, because even on our accidental cruises to malls, he has never been the kind of child who points to things and says, “I want!”

I am about to give the two mommies a lecture (as if I don’t have enough enemies already), but then my innate goodness takes over. I decide to make a list of things to do in the city with your child and post it on this blog.

Time passes. I forget. Then one day, I chance upon a post on things to do with kids in Delhi.

I am inspired all over again. And so I sit down. And write. I call a friend, Abodh Aras who I think knows the city well, and was a contributor to a few ideas. I call two others, but they are busy, so I get on with my list. All of them will involve some work. Some of them will involve more commute than the others. But most of them will put a smile on your child’s face.

I am sure I have missed out something. Many things. Feel free to add them in the comments section. If they are really nice, we can do a play-date someday.

So here goes, in no particular order of importance:

1. Take a nature walk in the Sanjay Gandhi National park. Sanctuary Asia organises regular tours which include bees, birds , animals, insects, trees, and plant-spotting and ends with a picnic by the Tulsi river. You carry your own hamper though.

2. Explore the Mahim Nature Park. Yes, tucked away behind Mumbai’s largest slum is also one of the city’s greenest lungs. Walk about, hug the trees, watch the Mithi river ( that notorious one you only read about during the 26th July flood in 2005) flow by, compare and contrast the serenity with the world outside, read a book, play hide-and seek with your kids.

3. Visit the Dolphin Irla aquarium There is a boating pond, a toy train and an aquarium in the middle of the pond.  Also, a few ducks, rabbits, squirrels, parrots to complete the spectacle.

4. Ride a double-decker bus. There are still a few left in the city. Find out if your nearest bus depot has any, jump onto it in the off peak hours (afternoons or early mornings) with your tot, make your way upstairs and grab the seats right in front and experience the wind kissing your face. It’s a thriller of a ride, trust me.

5. Go to Dhobhighat. Yes, it is clichéd, but it’s an adrenaline rush. Watch your child’s eyes get rounder and rounder as acres and acres of fabric get pummelled, rinsed, shaken and dried in this open-air laundry in Mahalaxmi.

6. Take one of MTDC’s organised open-air bus tours. A friend of mine actually booked the entire bus for her son’s birthday and had a mobile birthday party. I would have done it too, except they are closed in the monsoons (June-September)

7. Convince your nearest bakery to allow you a peek into their kitchen and watch loaves of fresh bread , buns and biscuits pop out of their Amazonian ovens and carried out, laden in trays. I once did it at Crown Bakery in Mahim where the kitchen is pretty much visible to all.  Re and I bought some fresh pav and poked into it, the steam still oozing out. The visual of trays and trays of nankhatais is still embedded in our collective minds and Re got some freebies too!

8. Hire a hand-cart (yes, you can) and if you are spirited enough, take your child for a merry ride on it in your neighbourhood, stopping by at your regular spots. If you can, throw in some of his friends too. Remember, you have to push the cart, so do a weight check.

9. Hit the beach. It is the one thing Bombay has few other Indian cities have, so make the most of it. Depending on where you stay, you can do Chowpatty, Shivaji Park, Juhu, Versova, Aksa, Madh, Marve, Uttan, Gorai, and many more. And don’t tell me the beaches are dirty. They could be better, but what better way to teach your child how not to litter? While you are there, do get your hands dirty (you can always sanitise them later), drink nariyal pani (may be from the same coconut) or have a kulfi (come on, do it). You can also summon a chana-jor garam wala and get the child to watch how he makes his little paper cones, and maybe get him to fill one up too.

10. Parks. Bombay has some great ones too. There’s BPT, Colaba Woods and Horniman Circle gardens in South Bombay, Diamond Gardens in Chembur, Johnson and Johnson gardens  and Kalidas Park in Mulund,  Airport Garden in Santacruz (which has some cute model planes), Kaifi Azmi Park in Juhu (where all the trees and plants have a little placard in front of them which has their botanical name, a little bit of history and info. Cute. Then there’s Rajesh Khanna garden (yes!) in Santacruz that has a toy train. Patwardhan Park in Bandra (which has a musical fountain) and the more fancy Carter Road promenade (where, sometimes, you can catch a performance) or the Jogger’s Park (which incidentally also has a Juhu variant), and of course the Sanjay Gandhi National park in Borivli which also has boating and a toy train that works once a year.

11. View from the top: Get your child to see Bombay from a different perspective. The view from Malabar Hill. Or the St Baptista garden-on-a-hill in Mazgaon. Or the Sion fort hill. May be even Gilbert Hill in Andheri (incidentally the only monolithic rock in Bombay).  None of them is Mt Everest, and can be easily navigated with steps. You can even sum it up, five-star style by taking the elevator all the way up to Aer (the rooftop at Four Seasons in Worli) and watch the city from the 35th floor (I am guessing it is as high as it gets so far.

12. It’s Ganesh Chaturthi time. Find a Ganesh idol making workshop near your house and go there with your child.

13. Take a bus or auto through Aarey Milk colony. It is where we used to go for picnics as children, remember? Mini-Kashmir still exists, and yes, you can still take a boat ride. Post that, you could wander into the Aarey Garden restaurant, nestled in the wilderness. The service is not great, but you can hear birdsong. What else is there?

14.  I know this is clichéd, but the Nehru Planetarium is still a must do for those fascinated by galaxies and things that glow in the dark. And children usually are. Why, even I am.

15. Take a ferry. Okay wait till the monsoon is over, but do take a ferry from Versova to Madh Island or Ferry Wharf to Uran or Gateway to Mandwa or Elephanta. Remember to stop and smell the roses. Okay, fish.

16. Watch a kids play at Prithvi theatre. There are regular plays for children over three years and yes, they do enjoy the whole experience, the real-life performers, the costumes, the sets, the lights, the concept of the stage. Check the schedule on and plan your play date soon.  Re and I watched Once Upon a Tiger (though he was technically under-age) and he actually touched a tiger who was lurking up on stage and was thrilled to find it had a human voice.

17. Visit the monetary museum at Ballard Estate. There is something about money and coins and stuff that is riveting to children.

18. Watch a cricket match in Azad Maidan or Oval Maidan or Shivaji Park. I am not big on cricket, but watching a real match can be fun. Most of the time, your child’s eyes will be busy tracing the ball though.

19.  Visit the Natural History section in the Prince of Wales Museum (the rest of the museum can be overwhelming). The animals are not real, but there are more of them here than in the zoo.

20. Check out the sea-link from Worli sea-face. Or the Bandra fort on the other side. It’s a fabulous view, and yes, the fort also has an amphitheatre which plays hosts to concerts and plays. I took Re to a Raghu Dixit concert there when he was five months old, and he rocked it.

21. Walk from the southernmost tip of Marine Drive till Chowpatty. Or as far as you can make it. Stop to have bhutta, nariyal pani, sit on the wall and watch the waves lash against the windbreakers. It’s breathtaking in the monsoon. If you make it all the way, celebrate with strawberries and cream or mangoes and cream at Bachelors opposite Chowpatty beach.

22. Spend an afternoon at the Welfare of Stray Dogs kennel in Mahalaxmi and you can walk or pet a dog. They are all loving and need to be loved and will lap you up.

23. Do your bit towards recycling. Attend a garage sale /flea market. The Welfare of Stray Dogs has one every few months and you can take your child around and buy books for him/her. And the proceeds go towards first-aid and medical help for strays in Bombay. There are other flea markets too, at Olive and Zenzi, quite regularly. Re went to one and loved it. Why, he even improved sales by browsing around in the book section, almost masquerading as a stall-keeper.

24. Treat your child to a flower or vegetable market. A real big one. Like the Dadar flower market. Crawford fruit market. Or the Bhaji Galli in Nana Chowk. Let your child feel the textures, the shapes, the sizes. You can even do a trip to your local vegetable/fruit/fish market with the child in tow. Give him a basket to fill up his own vegetables. It’s a trip.

25. Walk around Kala Ghoda. Stop by and get a student/artist to make you a portrait of you and your child. Check out the art on the pavement. Re was fixated when I took him last year. During the Kala Ghoda festival in February every year, they have a designated children’s area and lots of art and craft activity, clay-modelling, story time, dancing, walks and other fun things.

26. Go to the David Sassoon library garden. It is members only, but the watchman is nice to children and will not stop you. Unless you open a packet of chips and start chomping. Plus there are some great trees and some adorable cats to hug.

27. The BNHS does some interesting tree walks round the year. Go for one with your child, hug a tree, sit in its shade, tell them stories around trees. It’s a great experience.

28. Of course you will want to visit the flamingoes in the Sewri mud flats during November to March. How about a view from theSewri fort of the flamingoes?

29. I am not religious, neither am I an atheist. But there is something about visiting a temple, a dargah, a church. My picks would be the St Thomas Cathedral or Afghan church in South Bombay, the Babulnath temple in Malabar Hill,  the Haji Ali Dargah, the Iskon temple in Juhu (the children love the dancing and the eats after). If you have a Gurudwara close by, do go for a langar. It’s a must do.

30. Sit on the Asiatic library steps and watch the world go by.

31. Sit on a bench in a relatively chilled-out railway platform, like Matunga Road or Khar station and watch the trains go by.

32. Take a train ride. It’s not so bad if you choose the right time. There will also be a whole market in the train, with people selling accessories, clothes, stationery, bindis, earrings, books, magazines, and various colourful household odds and ends. It’s a visual buffet. There will also be some singing and chanting, but it’s all part of the ride.

33. Go to a railway terminus, like Churchgate or VT, catch a seat on a bench and watch the hustle and bustle of the dabbawalas, office crowd, teeny boppers, stock brokers, shoe-shine boys, tea vendors, newspaper boys, vadapav and samosa boys, the world and its mother.

34. Visit the nearest post office. Yes, I know our children may not write letters, but there is something about the smells and noises, the thump thump thump of the postmaster stamping envelopes, parcels, the people queuing for gum, the big red letter boxes, the things of you childhood that are great fun to share with your child.

35. Go to the  Mahalaxmi race course during the racing season (November to March). You can request a member to take you around to the stables, where the horses lounge around. You can feed them apples, and pet their shining bodies. You could even see the horses practise.

36. The Byculla zoo isn’t as bad as they make it out to be. Plan a picnic in the zoo, (they let you take your own hampers), spread a blanket and eat on the grass. It’s fun and quiet.

37. Visit a plant nursery close by. Show your child a variety of plants, talk to them, touch them. In fact, let him choose a potted plant. Take it home, help him look after it, and watch it grow. It’s a great feeling.

38.  Go carol-singing to the nearest church during Christmas. You don’t have to know the carols, they give you a printout of the words anyway, and you can fake it. Or perhaps not.  I tried and Re told me to stop.

39. Find a friend with a sea-facing terrace on a high-rise during Ganpati and watch the immersions with your child. It’s a bit loud, but the energy is great. Also, since Gokulashtami is close by, you can find a friend facing a quadrangle and watch the dahi-handi human pyramids take shape. And collapse. Take shape again. And collapse. Play cheerleader with your child. It’s fun.

40.  Just prior to Makar Sankranti, find a kite-making workshop close to your house and show your child how those things that bob in the sky are actually made. I wouldn’t advise you to step out on the actual day, because the twine is really sharp and dangerous, and besides, it’s sad to watch so many birds get entangled in them ad drop dead.

41. Some of the National Expos and exhibitions like Dastkar have live demos of weaving,  pottery, bangle-making, basket-making, beaded-jewellery-making. Spend an afternoon in one during the season. You can even try out various mukhwas, pickles, dried fruit, squashes, jams,and other goodies.

Phew! That was long. But I love my city and I can’t stand it when someone says there’s nothing to do. So, forget the mall. Celebrate your city with your children.


175 thoughts on “#41 things to do with your child in Bombay (malls not included)

  1. Priceless!! It took me through my own childhood where we did quite a few from your list. I think I am inspired to cover the rest in my next visit. You may have forgotten to mention Five Gardens of yore, and the cherry blossomed conopied walk through Parsi Colony. Not sure if it still remains the same as in my mind’s eye. One of your best!

    • See, I knew I was missing things. How could I forget Five gardens and the bliss it brings? Yes, it is still the same, although some buildings have turned to high-rises. I would also throw in a few idlis at one of Matunga’s idli havens before or after.

      • girl u have just done a lovely job by pening these things down, i actually knew almost of all but u just reminded me to spnd some more tym wid my kiddo. tx a ton and god bless.

  2. Wow. It’s a fantastic list. Can’t believe I have done many from ur list. Am going to add a few more. Taraporewala aquarium- kids are fascinated with the marine life. There is a butterfly park on thane ghodbunder road. Open from 8 in the morning an hours trail followed by hot breakfast in the park is awesome u get to see a wide variety of butterflies.

  3. awesome post. i have no kids, but cant for the life of me imagine why malls are the only (easy) option for parents…. i should plan a bacha party and take on a few kids, give their mom’s an afternoon off or something~

  4. awesome 🙂 glad my post inspired you. Now lets cross our fingers and hope that the malls miraculously empty of junta as kids rush off to take a double decker bus ride!

    What? a woman can hope, can’t she?

  5. Find out a relative/friend/friend’s friend who owns a factory and plan a visit. Children are fascinated to see how things are made. The Parle factory is a huge hit and they give you a packet of Parle G still warm!

  6. A walk in Bandra’s by-lanes. There are variety of leaves and flowers around the bungalows, often growing at a height of a 5 year old. Collect samples off the ground for a pressed-flowers scrapbook.

  7. Lalita, this is such an awesome list… although I have been in Mumbai only for a few years now, I do think Mumbai rocks. These are the kind of activities I look for and done many from your list (remember we dint manage to spot many flamingoes but I simply loved the adventure with you and Re) but I so glad you have scanned Mumbai and have listed many more for us to try. This list is quite exhaustive but I am going to list just some simple indoor time well spent which I have tried and loved it with my daughter.

    1. Arrange all the soft dolls in the living room and place fruits one for each and put some music and have a “blast”. This seems to encourage her fantastic fantasies every time we play it and she just loves this time with us.
    2. Arrange for a ‘Art Exhibition’ with all her paintings complete with each on its own pedestal. Allow all her imaginary friends into the exhibition hall with the parent being the security guard and even the sales person who sells her paintings for good ransom!!(helps learning how to makes deals – she has learnt the art of bargaining!)
    3. Take all small and big books and toys ect and sit down for a gift wrapping session. reinforces all the recycling concepts and reuse of items. We were delighted to taste the fruit of this time spent with her when she wrapped two separate packets of her tiny toy kitchen items well wrapped with beautiful used gift paper and gifted them to us last month on our 10th anniversary. We loved receiving this gift. She then again wrapped up a best seller – This was then gifted to my husband on his bday just a few days. 🙂
    4. Run a library with all her books neatly arranged and she becomes the librarian and parent the member of that library. Its such fun borrowing and returning complete with book keeping!
    5. Set up all bedrooms as hotel rooms – tidied with linen and blankets and have a lobby of the hotel in the living room. Its just awesome to watch her run her hotel coordinating all her staff – Chef (me), guest (my husband – who loves to check-in and have a good sleep!!) and anyone else in the family as house keeping and also arranges for taxi for airport drops!!
    6. Cooking her snacks with my daughter is fun time.

    These might seem like girl games but I am sure many boys may be delighted too. What I love about these indoor games is we get to stay home, its economical, its encourages her fantastic fantasy ideas, loads of ‘teachable moments’ and one idea breeds another and then we have yet another idea. Its like sometimes we have more ideas than time!

    ‘Living’ with children is fun!! (while ‘managing’ children & their ‘time’ may turn out to be challenging and may robe us off true bliss)

  8. Thanks Yasmin, am glad the list makes you love Bombay more. It is just sad to see mothers so fatalistic about their universe and taking the easy way out with malls, activity centres, kids gyms and playpens. We have had such a rich childhood, so surely we can give some memories to our children that don’t have to do with consumerism?
    And yes, i was going to do a separate one for indoor activity soon, but will incorporate some of your ideas as well.

  9. Hi Lalita.. Finally someone got the list out! I am very happy to know there are bunch of mums doing the things i do with my son! I hate malls, I would have reacted in a similar manner like you did, had I heard those mums!

    There’s always things to do with the kids, outdoors, its only question of moving ourselves and engaging in it because it fun for both! I have a 3 year old, one sunday morning, we headed out public transport discovery ride! auto – train – skywalk – bus! and he was absolutely thrilled! I am surely going to try the things on your list that we havent done.. totally excited about it! Thanks:)

  10. Its good to know that there is so much to do with ur kids around. I would love to have some information on Tarapore aquarium though I heard its shut for some renovations, would like to confirm that. Besides there is a place called Happy Planet which has games n a toy train for small kids. You can call up on just dial n get the details. I took my 2 year old there and he just loved it:-)

  11. Hi Lalita,
    There are few more things you can add to ur list 1. Trip to Powai lake.
    2.Watching go carting at Powai is fun for children.
    3.Nirvana park powai is worth visiting for nature walk.
    4.Sanyaas Aashram at vile parle west

  12. Hi Lalita!
    Excellent post! I’m so happy that I’ve actually done some of the things on your list. Some of them my son’s done with his grandparents, which is also a good thing and quite a different experience for the tots.
    One more thing I like (and so does my son) doing is going to the supermarket for the monthly supplies. Its fun to go armed with a shopping list and trolley. He insists on holding both, which can be quite cumbersome, but manageable (Its quite a sight actually coz you can’t see him over the trolley; there’s just a trolley moving by itself with 2 lil feet under!!). All the items on the list have to be put into the trolley by him and no one else. He also helps put them on the billing counter and then hands the bill over to the guard (for stamping) at the exit. It doesn’t end there; once home, he sees to it that all the bags are emptied and the items kept by! We sometimes get home and would much rather relax and put stuff by later, but we don’t have much of a choice in that matter!! It has to be done immediately!
    In terms of parks, there are 2 huge parks in Goregaon (W). They’re both behind Inorbit. I prefer to go to the one adjacent to Inorbit coz it’s at a height (it’s atop this make shift hill) and my son loves running up and down to and from the park.
    (Also, I’m not sure you remember me, but we met at Bandra once for Sabina’s baby shower. Ring any bells???)

  13. Awesome collection, Lalita! Loved every bit of it. Here are a couple of additions:
    1. Feed the kabutars at kabutar khana (matunga, dadar).. kids just love to do this
    2. Take a walk at Worli sea-face
    3. Spend an evening at Maheshwari Udyaan, have an ice-cream and round up by buying books at the second-hand stalls opp. the garden

  14. Am no mommy or daddy myself, but there’s a damn good park in dadar, behind vanita samaj, opposipte shivaji park, facing the sea. It has a dome under which every evening there are teenagers practising some rad b-boy moves! Sometimes, it gets very interactive, with random kids joining in. Also, feeding the ducks at Banganga, is an unforgettable experience for any child.

  15. As I write this comment, I have just reached point number 5; and I am so intrigued by the idea of open bus tours and watching loaves being baked in a bakery, that I just HAVE TO thank you for these ideas!! I’m not even married, but I would love to do these things…with my friends, boyfriend or even just by myself!

    Thank you Lalita!! I hope to meet you someday and take your autograph!! (I’m a big fan of your articles.)

    • Thanks Isha, that’s so sweet. I thouroughly enjoyed doing these things and writing about them, so you don’t have to thank me. I guess there is a child in each one of us, so even if we don’t have children, these things are still fun to do. Let me know of your experiences and keep writing!

  16. Lalita, this list is fab and am so keen on trying some of the stuff. I second the other mom on the aquarium, however small the aquarium on Marine Drive is but its fun for the kids. Also, a boat ride at The Gateway of India

  17. Wow that was an awesome list of things to do $y son is 4month old n I am all set to take him out as he grows a little and do all these,what you can also add is a visit to a bank all staff in the banks will be more than happy to entertain children and show them around how things work and what is savings etc..

  18. the list has such a nice old “bombay” feel to it. i can almost smell the brun maska in the irani joints 🙂 i’m so glad someone else thinks there’s so much to do in mumbai. i hate it when all ppl do is sit in coffee shops and go to the mall and then complain there’s nothing to do.

  19. A few years ago, I took my daughter and niece to Mani Bhavan. Nothing like a few hours spent with Gandhi, I told them the story, and the little one wrote in the visitors book “This is the most fabulous place I ever visited in my LIFE”. Then we went to Chowpatty and hung out. Fab evening.

  20. I would also highly recommend a trip to Korigad. It’s *exactly* two hours drive from my house, and 2 hours spent at the fort, and then pizzas at Lonavala before coming back home. Total 7hrs and loads of fun. I’ve done it twice.

  21. Besides the Crown Bakery at Mahim which I also patronise, try the Yazdani Bakery at Fort, they also have a bread loaf slicing machine that will be interesting to watch besides having the different fresh breads (whole wheat, brown, seven grain varieties besides the regular paos, sweet buns and hard bruns) they bake there in their wood fired ovens and the apple pie is delicious too. Also try their rum and raisin cakes during Christmas, to die for!!!

    Banganga tank is worth going to visit the lovely tank with the ducks and geese which the children may feed with bread crumbs or biscuits. See the mini dhobi ghat a small lane behind the Walkeshwar temple where you will find unique washing bays (discarded plastic bath tubs that are used as the washing pits) and mechanical clothes squeezing cum water draining machines hand crafted locally.

    On the other side of the Nehru Planetarium you have the wonderful Nehru Science Center (entry only from Dr. E. Moses Road) where you can spend a whole day out and in the different hands on experience type museum buildings for children and adults too. Lots of things to do there and learn a lot too. Models of the human body, how things work, film shows, dinosaur models, etc. on display as well as real examples of fighter airplanes, train engines and horse pulled tram coaches are on display in the gardens. It’s a lovely place where the young and old can enjoy the world of science and learn interesting things about science without reading any books!!!

    Try the second hand book sellers on the sidewalk just outside the Standard Chartered Bank at Fort or at King’s circle, Matunga for some exciting books for children as well all other topics and get some cheap bargains too.

    Make Ganesha murtis at the Museum Society of Bombay’s annual program for children at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (erstwhile Prince of Wales Museum of Western India).

    And before you enter the Byculla Zoo, do take a peek inside the Bhau Daji Lad Museum of Bombay (erstwhile Victoria and Albert Museum of Bombay) for it’s different models, old maps and cultural items related to the history of Bombay and it’s people. Also see some of the old statues of Britishers including Queen Victoria which are lying outside the museum in the garden along with a couple of milestones from olden times (removed from their original positions) in Mumbai when the city was just a few miles across till Bandra. BTW, the 7 miles from Bombay milestone at Dadar is just next to the bus stop which blew up during the recent Mumbai blasts on 13th July.

    Take a left, right or even go straight but do stop at this one!!! The traffic signal park at Fort, opposite the Campion High School. Children are taught the basics of traffic lights and road rules. A unique experience for kids.

    Enjoyed reading your blog and even though I don’t have kids, just thought these would also be some of the things you could add to your list!!!

  22. Love this blog. I took my children (Daughter, 7yrs and Son2 yrs old) to Mumbai Darshan and took some ideas from here even though i am from South Mumbai there are so many activities which i am unaware of.

  23. This list was awesome. We dont have kids yet but the Mrs is expecting soon, so this should really come handy.

    Oh btw, The Airport Garden @ Santacruz no more has the huge airplane – was broken down I guess.

    You might also like to read something else that I came across – Top things to do in Mumbai – A list of over 50 things to do in Mumbai.

  24. Wonderful list but most of the places are in south mumbai. Traffic woes and potholes only make the commute worse.Not an ideal way to spend 4 hrs of your weekend in travel if you dont live in south mumbai!!Would love to ideas of more places in suburbs apart from parks and gardens.

    • 1,2,3,9,13,16 are strictly suburbs.
      6,14, 19,21, 26,27, 30 are south bombay, I agree.
      But most of them are idea-based than location based, so it doesn’t matter where u are, really.
      I also did a more detailed list for Mother&Baby’s September issue. Unfortunately, it’s not online, else would have set you the link. Many more suburban ideas there.

      • I loved your post. Have done most on your list with my daughter, now it’s my son’s turn. INS Vikrant the 1st Indian warship is now a museum, kids will love it.
        Also remember visiting the QE II when she docked in Mumbai. What an experience. Can go sailing, have taken both my kids ( 7 and 4) and they loved it. Mumbai skyline beats the Manhattan skyline 🙂
        Taking them for a helicopter ride ( thanks to friends) this Sunday! Don’t know who is more excited – me or them.

      • Nariman Point on Weekends have a fair-like setup opp. Status hotel.Mahindra Park near it is a good place. Again,1,2,3,9,13,16 are all western suburbs …going from eastern suburbs to the western suburb is something evry eastern suburb-ite knows too well. don’t get me wrong …i am not for malls! the places in the list are ok for once in a while kind of thing for us but travelling so many hours even in weekends is a nightmare.Would like to see a list as 41 places to go with kids in Eastern suburbs !

  25. Wow! This lists reminds me of how I do love Mumbai even though work and life have taken me to other places (currently Bangalore). Am also feeling quite happy that I have actually covered some of these places with my then 2/3 year old – Babul Nath and Mahalakshmi temples, Port Trust Park in Colaba, the Gateway ferry ride, tip of Marine Drive at night ogling at Cuffe Parade lights, Hanging Gardens and the lovely old Shoe, steps of Asiatic…. yeah!

    Please do add pony rides next to MSLTA in Colaba… sunday ritual!

  26. Hi

    This is really an interesting post. Though I am not a parent. I just happened to google ” hiring a double decker bus” and somehow navigated to this page. I am an investment banker by profession and always hear my office colleagues criticising the city wrt lack of options it offer for kids. Rather I was of the same opinion when and i used always dill I tell my gurl I won’t raise my kids here. But not after reading your post.

    Some quickies to add to ur list.
    1) Indian navy opens up the air carrier virat thrice in ay year. Kids love it, so do I but from my office window.
    2) there a nice fort in vasai west. Nice for a day picnic.
    3) you can visit uran and there some hill on the other side of sea across the gateway of India. Mumbai looks just like newyork from there.
    4) visit the swamps near that bpcl refinery in chembur. ( it’s mahul village to be precise) and you can see the flamingoes.
    5) I know a backers named merwans right across grant road station. They make yummy cakes. Kids wud love the cup cakes there.
    6) golden Buddhist temple is worth a visit too. It’s grand with a base size almost equal to that of a football field.
    7) through some reference try to sneak in through wankhede and show your kid the pitch where Indian won the world cup. This will require to tweak some strings. But it’s actually managable.
    8) after my google search I figured out you can actually higher a open deck double decker bus from BEST for 7000 rs for 12 hours. You can make it ply on sea link till nariman point and kids will love it. No need to pay anything extra to a flashy event management company. You can do it on your own.

    Once again kudos to you for writing such a wonderful post. I am sure the many years down when I have my own kids I will visit all the spots mentioned herein.


    PS: I am actually planning to try that double decker top dek front seat travel idea for myself too.

    • Hey Raunak, I am happy to restore your faith in the city’s magnificence and you have added some great ideas here, so it only goes on to prove how much more there is. I am sure you will enjoy raising your kids here, because despite all the mallification, the city still has so much soul. You just have to find it. The doubledecker hire was done by a friend for her birthday, and i think it’s a fab idea. Thank you for writing.

  27. I am spellbound! Beautiful list……… Whew, I can see my weekends totally packed…… Thanks a ton for this……..

    I love Mumbai!!!

    Incidentally, please check out a site that I am part of, we review kids activities, books, etc that we’ve launched on November 14th.

  28. Ohhhh what an exhaustive list…welll it has taken me back to my childhood days….when no malls existed and our parents took us to all these places…

    Well a few more additions tooo….
    1. Take a trip to yeeor hills if you are a trekking freak…and our children will be far more thrillled than us.
    2. There is an artificial lake in Thane – Thane chowpaty which has all the things that attracts a child.
    3. A near by circus is a must….have grown up watching the Russian Circus @ Azad Maidan mainly during annual vacations April-May
    4. A trip to a near by fair is a must with all the huge giant wheels, the candy floss, the bhutta and ofcourse chana-chor garam.
    5. We need to encourage our child to eat the road-side stuff like a vada pav etc rather than a burger @ MC Donalds coz finally all these are frozen fooods and give no nutirition to the body

  29. Hey Lalita – what a lovely lovely list! I was a single woman in Mumbai yrs back and had done quite a few of those with my friends – the bakery one esp brought back oodles of yummy and fragrant memories..
    Let me take a stab at getting a list for Bangalore out – I have a few in my head and stuff that we have done with our daughter.. nowhere as exhaustive as yours but i will try and get one out in a week’s time..
    I am sooo thrilled to find so many like minded ppl – mommies and otherwise on this list.. and oh btw, I loved yr article on the funny mummies! I too often stifle an urge to choke the dour, forever-stressed, forever-harried, forever-milestone-comparing, forever-moaning-abt-maids moms, so it is nice to know there are many more funny mommies around.. I know a few – hope to meet more soon!

  30. Wow, I admire your imagination – thanks a lot for sharing! Your post confirms that half the joy of being a parent is the opportunity to be a child again 🙂 I am a father of two kids and this list gives us a lot of ideas for many weekends and holidays when we are “stuck in Mumbai”.

    A few more if not already covered in the comment trail:
    – Sion Fort: An old, run-down fort on the Sion hill, can recreate a five find-outer mystery Enid Blyton style for kids
    – Bhakti Park at Wadala East near Imax, one of the largest in Mumbai
    – Thane-Bhiwandi: Choki Dani for a full Rajasthan village experience. Just 45 mins from Chembur though Bhiwandi makes you feel it is half-way to Ahmedabad. And Tikkuji Ni Wadi at thane
    – Take a kid to a large car service station and let him/her live out their Cars 1&2 fantasy
    – Kidizen journalism – Bombay has a fascinating variety of people. Under parent guidance, kids can interview various people in the neighbourhood and create a Amchi Mumbai or Amchi Chembur etc video or blog
    – children’s traffic park at Ghatkopar and Cooperage
    – Nehru Science Centre **** – can spend the entire weekend there 🙂

  31. Hey, great efforts and wonderful list! Thanks for sharing this. I have little suggestion. While describing Mithi River flood, you have mentioned date as 26/11. Please correct it!! 😦 It was 26th July, in 2005. Two more places can be added : Mani-Bhavan at Gaumdevi( Grant Road) & Veer Sawarkar Udyan at Borivli (West). Once again thanks a ton for sharing this!!

  32. Hello, I am just so glad this list is posted. Mums should really get hands on and get on the move with their babies. 1) Feed the crows at Priyadarshani Park Nepean Sea Rd in the mornings and see how the children run behind them. After a few minutes spent feeding the crows watch the squirrels and Myna birds come to eat the left over morsels of food. Let the child watch the Hawks laze by the court area. End your visit to the park by letting the children collect diffrent leaves fallen on the floor or collect different size pebbles lying on the floor bed. 2) Enjoy the visit to the Animal Market at Crowford and watch the children gaze with excitment. One can get a chance at seeing species of birds, fishes, snakes, rabbits etc. Different breeds of dogs and cats etc
    I will be posting some more exciting things for our babies to do soon!!!!

  33. hey, just adding from my childhood experiences:
    there used to be this one day every year dedicated entirely to south Bombay and going to see The INS Vikrant navy ship and other such things and we went for dinner to this lovely place called Bade Miyan.
    My mom used to take me to watch a million marathi plays in Dinanath Mangeshkar Natya griha or Ravindra Natya Mandir or Shivaji Natya Mandir at Dadar. Also a few children’s plays at Bhaidas Auditorium. They are all definitely for kids and a lot of fun.
    If they still show ‘the lion king’ in Imax, you should try it out, its a whole different experience. but no other movie, only animated movies.
    There is Swami Chinmayananda Ashram in Powai where I was taken as a kid and it was very peaceful and surrounded by nature and very sweet people. For years I had my first ever magazine subscribed from there. It was full of excersizes, stories and values which were things Mom and me did together.
    If you and other parents can bring together their children as a group and take a visit to the police station (for e.g. Oshiwara Police Station, where I think they let you visit), it will be fun, informative and teach them to not be scared of policemen and to go to them for help.
    Kamla Nehru Park has the old woman’s boot which I still am personally fond of and want to take my niece to climb into.
    You can take them for Victoria rides at Churchgate or there are horse cart rides at Shivaji Park too late in the evening.
    It is very cliche but Essel World is one place you never wanted to return from.
    Also, one of my most exciting trips has always been ‘mummy’s office’. I think quite a lot of kids would second me on that. You show them around, show them your work and all your colleagues pamper them the whole day.

    Some of these may have been mentioned or maybe repetitive, but your post just reminded me of how much my Mom has indulged me with these experiences and hence am suggesting them anyway.. 🙂

  34. Excellent list. I am heading to Mumbai in a couple of weeks with my wife and 3 boys (8,10 & 11) and I am using your list to keep us busy. Is there anyplace fairly close (within an hour or so) that the boys can take an elephant and/or camel ride, also see a tiger? Thank you for your help. Looking forward to visiting your city.


    Mike from Canada

  35. Anyone thought about Fashion street and Khau Galli near it. It also has a cricket ground in between those two, where you can watch amateurs play.
    Also, I would suggest eating Tadgola (kind of tastes like Malai from Nariyal, cannot describe correctly though). I used to have it everytime I visited MUmbai when I was a child; don’t see as many selling those but still can find one and watch him carefully carve Tadgolas out from the fruit mass (yeah that’s what I am calling it) Last time I ate those were in 2010 Nov near VJTI
    Also, a walk near Marine drive and Band stand is awesome.

  36. Hey this is amazing that ther r conscious parents around wantin to soak their lil ones in the beds of nature n do lil things to build the child more holistically … Incidently Meeta n Shreedevi r friends of mine.. May b we could create a group n plan say a first sat of every month n pik one destination at a tim .. So the kids could also hav company in exploring trees n flowers n loads more!!

  37. Love your post.
    I followed my hubby back to Mumbai from the US with a heavy heart, because I wondered what in the world was there in Mumbai for ‘kids’! After the first few years of my son in the US, lolling on the beaches, swimming with stingrays, whale watching, turtle tracking, book reading, tons of kiddie activities in our public parks, I was lost for activities in Mumbai.
    Finally a smile on my face and a song in my heart and plans swimming in my mind! Bless your heart for taking the time to write this. Thank you so much for the list and to those who added more. My son (now 5) is super excited too after hearing me read this post out loud 🙂

  38. I was planning to visit Mumbai for 2-3 days with my two kids 1yr old Risha and 3 yr old Rachit. Its amazing to have such an exhaustive list. Can some one help me decide which are the top 5-6 places i must visit in a 2-3 day duration. I will be staying around Thane – Mulund. I was really interested in the aquarium, boat rides, tiger safari etc..

    • Since you will be in thane-mulund, I would recommend one day at the Butterfly park in Ovalekar wadi, Thane combined with the Sanjay Gandhi national park and perhaps one day trip to town to the museum of Natural history.

  39. hiiiii…..would suggest “mahalaxmi Race course” ..kids are super thrilled to watch the Horse Race..also there is a group called”pugmarks”, have a website as well. they arrange “Baccha party” ..its all about having a camp and sleeping in a tent in your society with your buddies….they do all the arrangement including food. !!

  40. Hi,love your post.It is wrong to say that kids only love TV,it is actually our duty to introduce them to the beauty in the world.
    My 7yr old niece is visiting me,she’ll be here without her mom so I have to make sure that a super itinerary is ready for her along with a home made chocolate cake.
    She is hyperactive hence looking at places/activities where she is just not a visitor.Also have shifted to Mumbai just a month back and don’t know the city at all,will be grateful if you can suggest something.I am putting up in kandivali east.



    • hi,

      there is,

      1. MADH ISLAND, Its a beach in Malad west Landmark is “The Resort” Hotel
      2. Vardhaman Fantasy park, Mira road
      3. YAZOO water park, Virar

  41. I love this post just as much as I love mumbai,

    My toddler is 7months old and I am dying to have a lovely holiday or some getaway especially for my wife.

    Can you suggest some getaway at driving distance….

  42. Hi, was looking to celebrate my 3 yr old son’s birthday in a open top best double decker bus….. Do u think, by any chance, could I spk to ur friend , u mentioned above, who has had a similar birthday party. If possible, would be a great help. Thanks

  43. Great post!!!
    Very helpful in planning my sons birthday party ,as i wanted something outdoors and within the city.
    If anyone could elaborate on Traffic park it will be great

    Thanks once again and keep posting 🙂

  44. Loved the ideas totally! Though my daughter is just 5 months old yet but being relatively new to Mumbai, this list is loaded with places that even I have never visited. Great work!

  45. Wow simply loved it, its making me miss being in bombay with my son but u have surely given ideas that I can do it here in Bangalore. Planning a trip to the national park here pretty soon. We misss beaches here. But Thank u once again. Loved the post.

  46. Niiiice list Lalita !! My wife and I just delivered a baby girl the beginning of this month..and I am already excited about taking her to ALL of these places in Mumbai…reminds me of how our parents used to do it when there were no malls…

    You can also add “Chor Bazaar” to the list..I have never been thr myself..bt i am yearning to go there and check it out with the wide eyes of the young one !!

    Also, try a Sunday trip by train from VT to Panvel..especially during monsoons..and you will be surprised..the more than an hour long train ride is totally worth it..and the kids would love to see a fascinating thing as each station passes by.

    Good luck to you and look forward to more of such gems !


    Dhawal Shah

  47. Ok point taken. Good article. But I got 1 for you:
    (Between MARCH and MAY ) Its 35+ degrees outside with 88% humidity, From JUNE to SEPTEMBER is pouring dogs, you live in South Mumbai, What do you do?

    Nature walks are tough in the heat and humidity, Evening walks are even harder with mosquitos deciding to take a fly out. The Zoo closes in the evenings (we took our 2 year old nephew there once and he was dehydrated in an hour). Lot of suggestions in your list are in the suburbs to getting through pedder road is a definite buzz kill.

    Kala Ghoda and Colaba are the only 2 options to hang out really. Not saying Malls it is, but seems to be a relevant choice more than anything.

    There are some great options in there. But its a lot of fun to take my 18 month old to Hamleys, even if we don’t buy anything!!

  48. I liked your post, found myself very close to no malls fundaa.. There are many places in the list which seemed to be missed out. Adding to sanjay Gandhi national park, we had onced booked a tent there for an overnite stay in the park which turnedout the most memorable weekend for my kids. Along with boat ride train ride and safari drives the experiance of feeding deers was the best we carried 20kgs of carrots n cucumber to feed almost 50deers around… Deers are seen walking by your side by evening which is the best thing I have experianced with my kids… Not to forget the kaneri caves where we can feed monkeys with boiled potatoes they simply love it,but be careful as they may surround you from nowhere n scare the kids….
    Mumbai is definatly a beautiful place to take our kids for outdoor activities. Try carring skates along n visit worli seaface or narimanpoint the city park at bandra kurla or a garden opp hinduja hospital at mahim.. even shivaji park the beach side garden has good place for skating.. Try to visit the children threater festival during summer vacations which has shows at juhu n hornimon gardens or the plant show in february at vjti or zoo they are pretty good and quite informative..

  49. hi, m a mother of 2.7 yr old. got to know about the blog from a friend. really superb n nice. all the suggestions n additions are also informative n nice. i actually noted all the places n m planning to start visiting the places soon. as i stay nearby to d beach i would say kids really enjoy the beaches. we both go for beach walks and even collect shells n go in little water and the experience is just new every time, no doubt building the sand castles n all used to marvel him earlier but can now make himself.

    i would like to add on to one thing that kids love swimming too. may b one can join the nearby sports complex or hotels or clubs who can allow the child in the poll with at least 1 parent. that experience is mind blowing too.

    latest update on Airport garden is they are building the new airplane in it with other new things getting installed. part of the garden is working as in slides, sea-saws, swings, jungle gym n jogging track.

    thanks, loved it.

  50. Really great post. And thanks to all the people who have added to the list!!!
    Lots of plans made already for the next coming weekends…..

  51. great work ma’m; few additions for your consumption ~

    1. Water park – waterkingdom maybe (kids with height less than 3’3″ are free to enter) (boat ride included)
    2. Watch a cricket match @ Wankhade with your kid(s)
    3. Cycling @ bandstand or carter road along the sea coast
    4. take them to cricket nets / football / hockey practice matches – we regularly book cricket nets to practise with season ball – i make it a point to take my 2.5 yr old kid

  52. I am so happy I came across your post. We recently moved here and we hate malls and crowded play areas. My son is one yr old so even play centers are not a great option with older kids running around. I will save this list and most probably tick a huge number off of it as we spend some time here…. It’s sad otherwise to come half way across the world only to take him to a playroom!

  53. Hey Thnx so mch fr sharing ths…I found it of grt help as I alwyz used to struggle as whr to take my lil princess as shez also nt grt fan of malls n I too dnt want her to get hooked to malls. Kids needs to hv real life exposure whch is becumng a rarity in today’s time

  54. Very good…
    I really liked the effort you have taken in making this list …
    Keep it up….
    If you don’t mind please do let me know of any group for such activities in n around Bombay. As i hav twins and also would like my babies to experience these types of things in life….

  55. Very very useful information. Thank you so much.
    YOU can add Nehru SCIENCE centre ,Worli ,NEEDS a whole day.
    DISCOVERY OF INDIA ,EXCELLENT, Worli Opp.Nehru Planetarium ,Nehru Centre 1st.floor.  Entry FREE.,(Three in all). 
    Also Breach candy garden and priyadarshini park.

  56. Hi
    I am from Hyderabad and i frequently take my twin daughters to Mumbai for all the exploration they need to do..The list is real awesome and i really appreciate the initiative. As father of my tiny dolls i am excited and thankful to see all the information shared by the moms and dads out here. Mumbai rocks !!! Yesterday we completed our Ferry trip to Mandwa and then covered Alibagh.


  57. This article is..phew!! Exhaustive and innovative… and looking at it from a kid’s pointof view,it has all bases covered, fun,adventure,intrigue, discovery… loved it. Thanks. I m not from Mumbai and keep wondering what i can do with my daughter every weekend apart from malls. Hope I do half of this. Thanks again.

  58. Hey Moms, am now a mom of two grown up daughters, but enjoyed reading through the posts.
    Am adding a few: there is a Book store for children with the most passionate book evangelist Hemangini Babla. Her Bookstore is called SPELLBOUND, You can visit the store and spend half a day.
    Secondly Bhavan’s College in Andheri west , now has a full fledged JUNGLE PLANET called Bhavan’s Nature and Advanture Centre. Lush green outdoors, with plenty of outdoor activities.
    Archana Jamdar

  59. Thank u so much for ur suggestions as
    I was unaware of the various things that we could do in the city. Me n my wife wud always have arguments on sundays and end up at a mall, movie theatre or a restaurant. But these r some creative ideas. Pls keep updating n posting so that I dont run out of ideas on a sunday. One another place that I could suggest is ‘banganga’ at wslkeshwar. I

  60. Cycling, skating and lots more @ bandra with kids on Mumbai Car free day. Kids will have fun its once in year you can visit fb page.”Mumbai Car free day”

  61. Wow! A wonderful post, exactly what I was searching for. I am so exited that I pledge to make my kids summer vacation a rocking one.

    20 acre eco park in Panvel, 75 min away from mumbai.. a one of kind in the world
    A not for profit organisation privately funded by promoters
    Fun interactive activities for kids age 8-18 yrs to help them become resposible global citizens of the future .

  63. Good information..we really can enjoy nature at its best..mumbai is the only metropolitan with a national park inside the city..

  64. Great list! This will be my 4th time in Bomaby, but this time I’m coming with my 2.5 yrs old boy.
    So excited !!!! Love India and the people there.

    • A friend from our building arranged a open deck bus birthday from malad till chruchgate recently.. will contact her and update you.. you can mail me your contact details.

  65. And there are 5 more things:
    1. Metro ride
    2. Mono rail ride
    3. Horse ride in beaches of Mumbai
    4. Plant a tree in a versova mangroves
    5. Visit a local cow shed and tell how milk comes home

  66. I am really impressed with your blog.will take out time and read your blog regularly.My name is Sanam Khan.My daughter is 1 and a half year old.She started walking recently.We have visited Juhu chopaty with her.My next destination would be five garden and a local train ride on weekend.

  67. Hi, This list is pretty extensive. Just wanted to share a new experience with everyone.

    Recently stumbled on a new activity called laser tag. I organized my child’s 10th birthday party for a group of 30 boys. The boys had an amazing time and just wanted to continue playing. We played in our building’s parking lot where there is sufficient space for the kids to run around.

    I truly hate the idea of spending a birthday in a mall or fancy restaurant and wanted my child to do something more exciting. I researched for about a month and zeroed on laser tag.

    It was truly an amazing experience for my boy.

  68. I think it’s a super human effort to have put together this list with creativity and imagination and a sense of romance about some parts of this city.

    It remains however one of the most unfriendly cities for young mothers and children.

  69. Great great post!! I’m a mother to a nearly 2 year old boy. We might move to Mumbai for a 6-month assignment and I was a little panicked about what to do with my tot. We are like you and Re regarding malls!! This is amazing information for me. Thanks million times…

  70. I read your Blog. This is simply good ideas and tips. This is really interesting one. All places are very interesting and enthusiastic places to visit in Mumbai. I like your post so much. Thank you for sharing.

  71. Wonder park in navi Mumbai opposite mayors bunglow is very good. The whole play area has equipment with no sharp edges. Floor protected with rubber tiles. Equipment is not plain slides and see saws but very creative.
    Also has rides like train etc but rides are closed in rains.

  72. Pingback: 50 amazing places for kids in Mumbai

  73. Hi thanx for this post, u can also take ur kid to nehru science center, fire brigade station and see how they work. U can also take them to thane’s upvan lake and talao pali u can go for boating and horse riding:-)

  74. Hi,
    I just visited the Dolphin Aquarium yesterday with my 6 year old daughter after reading about it on this website, a place I never knew existed !, Thought I would share some info hence I am sharing a few pictures to you on your email id mommygolightly@gmail.com, not sure if its possible to post it

    Some info and my personal feedback from this place……

    Entry Fee is Rs.20 each person,

    The boat ride which is an Rs.30 each, you don’t get to peddle which is a bummer, there is a guy who takes you round the pond which last approx 10 minutes, you get to see quite a few fishes and lots of turtles.

    if you wish to visit the Aquarium, then there is a fee of Rs.25, there is some kind of work going on there on a new bigger fish tank….., there are very few interesting looking fishes

    The Train ride is Rs.30 each, there are quite a few sheds overlooking the pond

    Got to see some really Interesting birds here, white rats, rabbits, a Persian cat etc.

    Its a nice visit if your staying not too far away, but if you do stay far away, i dont think its worth visiting it !

    Thanks for reading.


  75. Wow! You are a great parent.. My dad took me to many of these places when I was young 🙂 I love the way you have listed down all these places with so many details ! 😘


  77. Add to this the Mahindra Park @ Breach Candy…very well, age-wise, planned children s play area and awesome sea view a good place to play and enjoy the beauty of nature

  78. Hey, Nice list — but the Zoo and the Mahim Nature park must simply be struck off. I take my kids to diff places around Mumbai every hols — The zoo was a massive dissapoointment — they had a dying hyena and a sick porcupine, apart from one python. THAT’S all! And Mahim Nature Park was dry, dusty and thorny!
    I would suggest Bhavan’s Nature Trail instead — there are some outdoor activities for children, a Nature walk and a pet farm, where kids are allowed to spend time with pet dogs, ducks, etc.

  79. Too good Lalita …..you have covered just about everything to see in Mumbai …you could add Ban Ganga (one end of Mumbai) sit at the pond enclosure one Sunday morning or evening feeding the ducks and geese living there.they come very close to you and you can buy bread or kurmura from the shops closely and go on geese feeding …

  80. Love your article…. Absolutely…… And yes there is so much to do in Mumbai…. It’s beautiful. Thank you for this post.

  81. I also came across a similar thought .but cudnt pen it down..urs is n inspiration..as I too feel malls r jus of no help to kids..our kids need d similar kind exposure to d nature jus as v did as children..thnx a lot..!!
    Keep me posted..

  82. From a like minded but a bit clueless Dad, thank you all so so much for all your ideas & info. Can’t express how grateful I am. I live in Mumbai & was feeling quite helpless. Really hate the fact that we get limited to just confined Mall activity. Really needed this, now I can work on these lines. Have a 4 yr old, with my spine broken in 2 places it’s not been fair on him, but I want him to feel the joy, wonder & excitement that a kid should. Thanks once again.

  83. Wow…I am going to save this list. Even I am not much in favour of taking my kid to mall for entertainment.I try to make it the last option. But Didn’t know that there r so many things to do. Now this list is going to help

  84. Very true…..there’s amazingly so much to do and still more in our even more amazing n mesmerizing city…

  85. Fabulous job! We have done quite a few. But your list totally inspires us to do the rest of the stuff. One month suggestion frombme: Star Gazing. Groups like Science Utsav organise such sessions for kids and they totally love it 🙂

  86. A beautiful article… a much needed stuff do do around the city… that’s how I grew up and that’s how I’d want my kids (when they exist) to grow up… wonderful work.

  87. This is an awesome list! Few of these I had visited as a kid and would now enjoy visiting them all with my little one!!

  88. Thank you for taking time out and writing these. Helped me a lot.
    I am really against spending time in mall with child every weekend. Once in a while is okay. But not always.
    Thanks again for giving me more options.

  89. This was a great list! I hate malls too. Another thing kids can do at home or on a play date is learn how to bake… Relatively easy and kids love it. Nothing like a cupcake in the oven.

  90. That was a great list. I’ve been living in bombay for 13 years now and still haven’t visited half the places you’ve mentioned. Definitely planning to take my toddler to some of them.

  91. Amazing. Just as I had thought.

    Malls Nah..!

    There’s hell more to do out there..

    As I always say, a good mother will find opportunities to teach and a good child will find opportunities to learn!

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