Baaaayyybeees and other objects of affection

It has happened. Re’s latest object of affection is the baaaaayyyybeeeee from Ice Age, a movie he has watched perhaps 29 times in the last four days. I guess I should have seen the signs of baaaybeeeee obsession, when a few weeks ago, he developed a sudden attachment for a certain cuddly toy (the only one I hadn’t given away in my quest to declutter) and refusing to let go of said teddy bear, treating him like his own child, having breakfast, lunch, dinner with him, taking him for walks, drives, and talking endlessly to him and him alone.

Now, with teddy by his side, he is into the more celluloid Ice Age baaaybeee, each time waiting with rapt attention for the said baaaayyyybeeee to show up on screen and express dismay (ohnooooooo!) when the baby is being roughhoused by it’s numerous caretakers, joy (more, more, more!) when it is in a state of exhilaration, or breaking into song and dance when there is merriment on screen. And clapping when it’s all over and asking for more, more, more!

It might appear that I have found the perfect antidote to all tantrums. But actually, it works the other way. He has found the perfect obsession to shove down my throat.  Waking up in the morning with the baaaybeee mantra, and waddling to the other room to quickly find said DVD and thrust it in my face. Walking into my room while I am trying to write, brandishing said DVD, smiling his wicked smile, saying mamma, more! . Or wanting baaaybeee for company at every meal, play-date, sleep ritual or outing. Or refusing to bathe till he has had his baaaybeee fill.

They were right. Children learn fast. And what can be easier than manipulating an adult who anyway is putty when face to face with a child’s million dollar smile?


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