Thank you Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka

The hand that rocks the remote rules the world!

I owe my sanity to CBeebies. Okay, at least some of it. The point is, filling up millions of baby time-pockets is a hard job. And here, the math is somewhat similar to man-year vs cat-year (one year for a human is the equivalent of seven for a cat).  Likewise a day for a baby is say like a week for you. So it is not as easy as planning visual (or whatever other kind there is) stimulation  for three or four hours or whatever is left after the baby sleeps, bathes, eats, pees, poos, whatever. Babies have a lot of time, and whatever you do, there is still more time left and activity to fill. If you are home, that is. If you are away, it’s easier. Someone else (a nanny, a kind grandparent, a day-care) does the job, and hours evaporate without you even knowing it.

Since I chose the path where hours don’t evaporate unless you do something about them, I succumbed. A little bit. To television. Now, I hate television, and it still causes me to burst a capillary when the husband returns from work and looks wistfully at the remote control as if to say, May I play with her? So you can imagine my plight trying to find something for the boy to watch for half hour every day that didn’t involve sex, violence, stereotypes, melodrama, and most importantly, ads that feature Bollywood actresses promoting packaged foods and probiotic drinks to make your child fast, furious and generally, fucked up (oops, but couldn’t resist the alliteration). No, I am not one of those Nazi moms that throws the TV out the window, but I have my preferences.

And then I found  CBeebies. The  no-ad land of the Ninky Nonk and Tombliboos, all trying to fit into their match-box beds and ‘go to sleep’. What’s with this going to sleep, I used to wonder? Anytime of the day I tuned in, they were always telling you to ‘go to sleep’ and Iggle Piggle was always looking for his annoying red blanket and Upsy Daisy was always prancing around like someone on speed.

But it worked for the boy. He was entranced. And I had one less half-hour pocket to fill.

Recently, a singleton asked me, How did you go from being a wild singleton to someone who watches CBeebies?

I wanted to tell her I liked it as much as he does. Or that it made me want to be a child again. Or that it was easier than watching singletons making complete asses of themselves in clubs.

But I didn’t.


6 thoughts on “Thank you Iggle Piggle, Upsy Daisy, Makka Pakka

  1. I think in the night garden is hit among the kids… My son is a big fan too … This show has such calming effect on him … Just loving this show thanks to the makers of the show I get some half n hour time for myself 🙂

  2. hey am travellling fr a vacation and need food ideas for baby.

    i knew u went sometime back. kindly let me know if u have a post related to what to pack for baby.

  3. Hi there. Firstly, I enjoy reading your articles so thanks. Then on the subject, we don’t have that channel but a dose of Animal Planet usually does it for us since there is always a “haat” or something resembling a “bowbow”. TV actually relaxes me at the end of the day and I have nothing against it in small doses for kids and obviously as you say without the sex, violence, etc. Which makes me think of cinemas…my husband and I have not been to watch a movie in a cinema since our son was born (16 months ago!) but remembering back to when we did…a James Bond…Casino Royale was it?(with heads being smashed against sinks in the first 5 minutes) in front of us was a couple with a ~4year old…I tapped the dad on the shoulder and said “do you really think your son should be watching this?”…they didn’t reply but then tried facing the boy to the back of the hall…yeah right as though he was going to miss all the action…he was then bribed with ice-cream…that still didn’t work and then anyway he proceeded to watch the whole movie! I’m amazed that cinemas are not stricter with the public viewing but even more with the lack of thought on behalf of the parents. What are they thinking???

    • Hey Cristin, thanks, that made my day!
      Speaking of kids at the movies, I actually saw a couple bring their two year old to a movie called Black Friday which was violence personified and too much even for us adults. When I gave them the look, they shrugged their shoulders, giving me the look back.
      And yes, Animal Planet works great for us too, except when leopards are tearing carcases apart and the boy goes “Ohnooooooooo!” He has been told that the leopard is a larger version of our cats, so that leaves him confused. May be I should explain the food chain soon.

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