In search of the perfect ball

 One might think it’s just a ball, right? How tough can it be to get the perfect ball for a little boy to play with? I got it right in six attempts. If the size was right, the bounce was not. If the bounce was right, the print was not. If the print was right, the colour was not.  If the colour was right, the texture was not. If the texture was right, the cat used it as a scratching post.

The ball with the mostest

So after rejecting all that I made available, the boy finally took to a certain Galaxy (Made in China) ball at his music class. Perfect bounce, light, firm, transparent, in fluorescent green, blue, and purple colours.

Off I went in search of the Galaxy ball. It seemed like a ride to a galaxy far far away. After combing all the usual suspects in my area, toyshops big and small, and then some Big Bazar and Magnet and the malls, and being subjected to Ben Ten, Superman and Spiderman on balls of every size, texture and bounce, I finally found Galaxy at Esquire, a corner shop for a princely sum of Rs 120 per ball.

The very next day, a friend at the music class gifted Re one. Hers was from Crawford market at half the price. Drat! The day after, I found it at the neighbourhood supermarket for Rs 90. “Hot item madam,” said the salesman. I wasn’t amused. I had Galaxy spilling out of my ears. Re now has four of them and I am guarding my Galaxies as if they were heirlooms.


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